Why Pay to Volunteer

GoVolunteering is an independent organization and do not get support by any government help and solely runs from the fees which is pay by volunteer for their volunteering programs.

Where does my money go?

A very most common question asks by volunteers “Why do I need to pay as volunteer“? Money which is paid by volunteers to us that we use in from Day 1 to till last day of program. Example- Airport pickup, Accommodation, Food and everyday transport facility for program site. In order to provide all these services, a dedicated support team should work 24×7 to support the volunteers. A certain fund invested in long-term support of our various projects, and also use to cover administrative management expenses. Therefore, it is necessary to implement the volunteer’s fee although they are providing their valuable time but to run organization in proper way, we need money so provide all the facilities.

The average distributions which are shown below by breakdown.

  • 50% – Accommodation/ 3 Meals per day & Services to Volunteers – Airport Pickup, Daily transport to projects site.
  • 20% – Projects development
  • 25% – Administration/ Office Expenses/Staff Salary/Web Promotion
  • 5% – Govt. Taxes