Terms & Conditions

In order to take part in volunteer programs, you should follow some rules and regulation which is necessary. For that, you have to carefully read every term and condition when taking part in volunteer programs. User has to fill application on the online to participate in this program. This means you are accepting the terms and conditions that are given below.


GoVolunteering does not arrange flights or make any travel arrangements to your program location. It is your own responsibility to arrange your own air fares and travel to the program location. GoVolunteering provides advise and pre departure information to you, it is your responsibility to obtain all necessary travel documents, such as visa, work permits etc.

You are responsible for ensuring your travel documents are complete and up to date for your travel. GoVolunteering cannot accept the responsibility if entry is denied to a country due to incorrect visa or travel documents.

Insurance and Liability

If you are participating in volunteering program travel insurance is must to take. Along with travel insurance, medical insurance is also very essential. Volunteer responsibility is to take proper travel insurance and it is very important that third party render these insurances. An important note here is that company will never be responsible for any claim and disputes in the insurance that you have taken. Program won’t have any amount for the insurance as well as the liability. So, you should arrange insurance along with liability depending on your need.

Volunteers’ insurance covers many things: – cost of cancellation, legal ability and expenses, light work, death and more. An organization will not bestow any responsibility for death or illness; in this case, you must get the appropriate insurance.

Payment for the program:

The volunteer can know the full details regarding program by seeing GoVolunteering website. GoVolunteering has full right to change the fee of program anytime without any prior notification. Before 60 days you should pay the full payment in advance. If in case you cannot afford a fee on time then placement will be very tough because company should pay the amount in advance for transportation, meal, staying and more. Along with this, firm should have to give funds for the projects.

Process of cancellation and refund:

  • If you want to cancel the program means, you must provide a notification priorly 30 days before the program start. With this process company have some rules and regulations in order to cancel the program.
  • If the program has been cancelled before 60 days, you will get 70% refunded amount but there will be no refunded pay for the application.
  • If you program has been cancelled in between 60 to 30 countable days prior the program starting means company will give 50% refundable amount but without the application fee.
  • If you are about to cancels 30 days’ time period before starting the program means you will not be provided any refundable amount.
  • If volunteer cancels after the program start will not get any refundable amount by the company.

GoVolunteering cancellation program:

If GoVolunteering cancels the program because of any unavoidable or unforeseen circumstances, in this case, the applicant will get a refundable amount. This amount can be calculated based on a pro-rate basis excluding the fees of application and 5% bank charges included.

Payment of refund:

GoVolunteering program refunds the amount within 60 days of cancellation.

Online Payment:

During online payment GoVolunteering add a nearly 4% international banking fees.

Utilizing photos and feedbacks:

If you are ready to agree with the rules, then you should also accept the company rules to use you feedback as well as photos to post on the website for promotion. A company also can utilize your photos in brochures for marketing purposes. Go Volunteering also can use material and photos from our partners which cannot be responsible for claim arising regarding the content or photos or material. In this, we also can use videos and photos in our Facebook as well as other social sites.

Personal risk:

When applying this program, the volunteer agreed the risk and responsibility which are placed in the agreement. Volunteer traveling work may be very risky and it involves some dangerous activities that may be visible or not visible. The company and their partners are not responsible by law for any harm or loss. It involves loss occurs due to safety, personal injury, emotional injury, loss or damage to property, diseases or illness, etc.,

Vaccinations and health:

Before moving for the program, you must consult the doctor and it is very essential to gather information about the vaccination. Volunteers only having responsibility to take care of your health. GoVolunteering will not take any responsible for medical care along with supplies after or during the program. You have to responsible for any kind of risks like damage, injuries and some other activities.

Code of conduct:

  • At the time of conducting volunteer program some rules must be followed the applicant that is provided by the organization. Your volunteer program may be cancelled in different situations.
  • If company comes to know that you are involved in any criminal offense on or prior the program.
  • If your behavior or action is dangerous to the society.
  • If you do not follow the rules of the home/host family.
  • If you do not share your room with other volunteers.
  • If we find that you are engaged in sexual behavior while staying in the volunteer’s home/host family.
  • If you do not respect the no camera policy of the project sites.
  • In the case of taking drugs or other harmful material.
  • If you are not ready to follow the code of conduct staying within the country.
  • If the agreement is neglected depends on any of the above reasons you won’t get any refund.


  • When making payment through online, company will not be responsible for any malfunction.
  • If any damage occurs, company does not take responsible by law directly or indirectly, punitive or special damage.
  • Volunteer agreed already that they are responsible for any kind of risks. The company cannot make any reliability, accuracy, information, warranty and terms given by the company.
  • The company won’t take any responsible, if link given by the third party and also services provided by them.

Information update:

We used to update our website in timely manner. Kindly make connection and updated with us. Go through our website in order to check any changes in the terms or in programs.