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Volunteering in India

Through this initiative, we try to improve the quality of living for the lives of people lacking access to essentials. The mission of our Volunteering in India is rooted in the strong belief that every individual deserves the chance to have a better and growing future, regardless of geographical location, or social and economic background.

By providing clothing, housing, and education, we aim to empower all communities and individuals, making positive change by creating opportunities for a brighter tomorrow.

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Mission of Our Volunteer Programming in India

Go Volunteering in India aims to develop a worldwide network of volunteers that can help Indian as well as international people. Upon the completion of our volunteering program in India, we hope that you can share your experience with family and friends to encourage them to participate in the volunteer program in India.

The Best Volunteer Programs in India also offer you the opportunity to work with the locals and experience a new culture by staying with an Indian host family. Go Volunteer is the best Indian Organization. You can become a lifetime member free of cost on completion of the project. 

Best Volunteer Programs in India We Offer:

  • Care of Elephant: Our Elephants Care Program in Jaipur is for anyone who wants to help and care for these wonderful animals that show care and love for those who care for them. So join this Care for Elephants Program in Jaipur and have an unforgettable experience.
  • Women Empowerment Program: Our volunteers in Jaipur Work with Women for the social development and welfare of women from low-income families who have little or no education.
  • Street Children Program: The goal of the Street Children Program in Jaipur is to assist children living on the streets in ensuring that their rights are respected. This program provides nutrition, shelter, education, health care, recreation, and other services to street children. 
  • Care of Orphans: Our Orphanage Program in Jaipur aims to not only bring joy to orphans, but also to make them feel and realize a sense of true belonging. Come join us as we work with Orphan Children on this wonderful journey of spreading love and happiness.
  • Childcare Program: The Early Childcare Programs in Jaipur primarily focus on a child’s personal growth and development through a variety of intricately planned and scheduled day-to-day activities with a creative twist. 
  • English Teaching Program: Our English Teaching Program in Jaipur gives children the skills they need to thrive in today’s society. Given that tourism is one of India’s largest service industries, your teaching could lead to many more job opportunities for children in Jaipur.

Volunteering in India

By Volunteering in India, you can get a chance to diverse range of activities that combine cultural immersion with meaningful contributions to local communities. Volunteers work on a variety of causes, ranging from education and healthcare to environmental conservation. The brilliant colors, aromatic spices, and warm hospitality provide an unforgettable setting for effective service. 

Volunteers obtain a comprehensive insight into complex society by teaching English through Volunteering English Teaching to eager learners or helping healthcare programs. Beyond charity, the transformative journey fosters reciprocal learning and global citizenship, leaving an indelible effect on both volunteers and the communities they serve.

Volunteer Programming in India

Our volunteer programs in India encompass a spectrum of opportunities designed to address critical needs and promote sustainable development. Collaborating with local organizations, volunteers can contribute to education, healthcare, women’s empowerment, or environmental conservation. 

Tailored Women Empowerment Projects ensure that volunteers leverage their skills and interests effectively. Immersed in the local culture, participants not only make a tangible impact but also develop cross-cultural understanding and lifelong connections. From bustling urban centers to serene rural landscapes, our volunteer programming in India offers a diverse range of experiences, fostering personal growth and global awareness.

Best Volunteer Programs in India

Discover our the Best Volunteer Programs in India, where impactful service meets meaningful cultural exchange. Our carefully curated initiatives ensure that volunteers engage in projects aligned with their passions and skills. Whether it’s teaching English to underserved communities, providing healthcare support, or contributing to environmental sustainability.

Our programs prioritize local needs, empowering volunteers to create lasting impact. Committed to ethical volunteering and offering comprehensive support, our initiatives distinguish themselves through effectiveness and positive contributions. Join us in making a meaningful difference, where your efforts align with community needs and contribute to sustainable development.

Why Volunteering in India?

To explore the colorful cities of India join our Volunteering in India. It will be an amazing, interesting and enjoyable experience. In this Volunteer Programming in India you should work to help others, not just benefit for yourself. You can work in India to help the local communities and poor families through this volunteering program.

We provide high rated volunteer programs in India which are affordable. Our programs are completely safe and trusted with variety of options available. We welcome our volunteers from all over the world to join our volunteer programs in India. The program runs throughout the year and open for individuals, high school students, university students, couples, families, friends, and also for seniors above 50 years. 

We also offer variety of Add-ons tours that you can add while you are Volunteering in India to ensure the best experience possible in India. So, take a break from your hectic schedule and come join us with the Best Volunteer Programs in India. As India is the best place for volunteering, you will get the unique opportunity to explore the world!

Join Our Best Volunteer Programs in India

Join the India Volunteer Programs and discover the incredible opportunities to work for the underprivileged rural communities. We offer the Best Volunteer Programs in India including Elephant Care program, Work with Women, Street Children Program, Orphanage Program, Early Childcare Programs, English Teaching Program and many more. 

These Volunteer Programs are designed in a way that volunteers can get the best experience possible. So, you can join our Volunteering in India in 2024 to discover the best places of India. We have opened up our volunteering opportunities for International Volunteers from America’s (USA), Europe’s, Canada’s, Australia’s citizens or from all the parts of the world who would wish to volunteer abroad in India.

Volunteering in India Mission

Our Mission is to create a network of volunteers worldwide with Volunteering in India. These volunteers can help us in children project, volunteer with elephants, work with women, and also work for local communities. 

After finishing Volunteer Programming in India with Go Volunteering, we hope you will share your amazing experience with your friends and family and also encourage them to join our Best Volunteer Programs in India.

We will also give you the opportunity to work with local communities, local people and live in new culture by staying with an Indian Host Family. Go Volunteering is one of the most affordable host for Volunteering in India Organization. Every year hundreds of Volunteers join us and complete the volunteering program with us.

Get Involved in Volunteer Programming in India

You can make an impact by joining our Volunteer Programming in India through our expertise in the sustainable travel industry:

Ethical Standards

We always check partner volunteer organizations to guarantee that they fulfill our standards for humanitarian and animal protection.


We are completely transparent in costs and services while pursuing UN Sustainable development goals and also to create a positive change in the industry.

Social Impact

Empowering Local Volunteering Programs in India and partnering with international volunteer organizations to recruit qualified and motivated volunteers worldwide.

So, by following this level of quality we completely ensure that international volunteers can easily access our Volunteer Programming in India while saving their time, efforts, and costs.


1. Which countries are eligible to participate in the Volunteering India program?

Ans. We welcome volunteers from all over the world to participate in our Volunteer Programs in India, regardless of where they are from. The majority of our volunteers come from the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia.

2. Who will meet me at the airport?

Ans. A Go Volunteering representative would be there to receive you at the airport, holding placards, and displaying your name. Thereafter, he will transfer you to your accommodation. Volunteers need to send us their arrival information at least 10 days in advance so that we can facilitate your airport pickup.

3. What types of Volunteer Programs are available?

Ans. At Go Volunteering’s Best Volunteer Programs in India, we offer:

All these programs are created to benefit the underprivileged society and contribute to positive social change

4. What kind of accommodation will be provided for me during my stay?

Ans. The Volunteering In India will be provided with very comfortable and clean accommodations, as well as a very friendly, educated, and welcoming family or caretaking staff at the volunteer’s home. In most cases, you will be required to share a room with other volunteers and will have access to all basic modern amenities. 

Our host families and staff have extensive experience providing comfortable accommodations for international volunteers. We also offer lodging in the Volunteer’s Home. Volunteering India maintains two volunteer homes in posh South Delhi neighborhoods where all volunteers can relax and socialize. More information can be found on the program page for that specific location.

5. Which items should I pack for my trip?

Ans. Volunteers should bring their medications, a sleeping bag, toilet paper, long-sleeved cotton shirts, and trousers, additionally, if you are visiting in winter, you must bring a sweater, or a light jacket. Please bring sunscreen, mosquito repellent lotion, or spray with you. Your Pre-Departure Guide will contain all the specifics.

6. Is there an age requirement to participate in the program?

Ans. Yes, there is an age limit for all the volunteer programs, the minimum age requirement is 18+ years. People less than 18 aren’t eligible to participate in our activities, though they can accompany their group, family as well as friends.


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